Leprechaun Trap Instructions

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! That means one thing: those sweet, yet sneaky little Leprechauns are getting ready for some mischievous fun!

Legend says that whoever can catch a Leprechaun will win gold!

Do You Think You Can Catch A Leprechaun?

Every year, kids from all over the world invent their own Leprechaun Traps in the hopes of finally out tricking and finally catching one! A Leprechaun Trap is a fun, homemade, inexpensive project for the entire family.

Typically, the traps are set up the night before St. Patrick’s Day. When you wake up on St. Patrick’s Day, check to see if you were able to catch one!

It’s not often that a clever little Leprechaun actually gets caught, but they can leave behind evidence of their presence (such as footprints, shamrocks, gold coins or a special note for the children who set up the trap).

Honey Do Men Wants To See Your Leprechaun Trap Creations!

  • Create a Leprechaun Trap (see below information)
  • Take a picture (or pictures) of your Leprechaun Trap and attach them to the form below
  • Honey Do Men will post all pictures to our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • Share your entry with as many people as possible and tag @honeydomen
  • Deadline for submissions is: March 24th
  • The three entries with the most ‘likes’ will win a prize:

    • First prize: $100 golden gift card
    • Second prize: $50 golden gift card
    • Third prize: $25 golden gift card
    • Note: You must tag @honeydomen for your entry to count when sharing
  • If you are able to catch a Leprechaun, let us know IMMEDIATELY!

If you are looking for inspiration, we recommend the book ‘How to Catch a Leprechaun’ by Adam Wallace.

All ages are welcome to enter!

Max. file size: 25 MB.

How Does A Leprechaun Trap Work?


How Does A Leprechaun Trap Work?

  • Be creative!
  • Collect some supplies using everyday household items (think shiny, GREEN, and colors of the rainbow to “lure” the Leprechauns. Ideas include:

    • Pipe cleaners
    • Green cello (“grass”)
    • Chocolate gold coins
    • Plastic gold coins
    • Popscicle sticks
    • Sparkles
    • Shamrocks
    • Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Choose a container that will be used as a “trapping” device. Ideas include:

    • Tissue box
    • Show box
    • Plastic hat
    • Legos
    • Bucket
    • Coffee can
    • Cereal box


Next, Assemble The Trap!

  • How do you plan to catch a Leprechaun? Ideas include:!

    • Trap door(s)
    • Secret hole(s)
    • Bait
    • Signs
    • Pulleys
  • Don’t forget, they are very hard to catch!


Then, Take Pictures And Show Us How Your Trap Will Work

  • Send your pictures to us via the form above.
  • Send your pictures to us via the form above
  • Don’t forget to mention your name(s), age(s) and location in the message section fo the form!