Wood Shake Siding Install And Repair Services in Carmel, NY

Wooden siding options are a beautiful way to enhance your new home. Wood shake sidings in particular have a unique appearance that will not be the same for any two houses and will give your home a rustic charm that comes with the unprocessed look of the wood shakes.

What Are Wood Shake Siding Install And Repair Services?

To get wood shake siding, each individual piece is mechanically sawn or ax-cut, in order to create a rugged ax, chipped surface. Installation can be tricky due to the large number of pieces and the careful interlayment of shakes between each row. As they have uneven surfaces, it is also possible to have gaps between each piece that needs to be further remedied by layers of felt or other insulation between the rows.

Aside from moisture and air, other organisms can also cause damage to wood shake siding.

  • Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers start to damage houses for two reasons – foraging and territorial drumming. Territorial drumming is generally more irritating than actual damage as the bird is essentially just using your house as a musical instrument to deter competitors and attract mates.

However, if you find large holes in your shakes due to the woodpeckers – they are actually hunting for the insects within your boards. This is worrying as insects and the large holes can both compromise the structural integrity of your wood shakes.

  • Wood Bee Damage

Wood bees, also known as carpenter bees, can cause large-scale damage to wooden structures, leading to compromised structural integrity without you even knowing. These bees tunnel into the wood so that they can create nesting chambers for their young. The entry holes are generally around one inch deep but can branch out to other tunnels that can be up to four to six inches long. This can expand further over time as well.

  • Paint and Stain

Wood siding is beautiful but like all other organic materials, requires extra protection from external elements like moisture and sunlight. Painting or staining your wood creates a protective layer over your wood shakes to help them last longer.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Wood Shake Siding Install And Repair Services

Wood shake siding can be very tricky. In theory, it seems rather easy to just arrange and lay down all the pieces, but it actually takes painstaking effort to make sure that no gaps or areas of compromise are left unattended. Having a professional means that they have the experience and training to do this without leaving potential mistakes.

When Do You Need Wood Shake Siding Install And Repair Services?

The best way to figure out when you need to get replacement shakes or repair your siding is by having an inspection done at your property. While some types of damage are obvious like large holes made by woodpeckers, others can be hidden and go undiscovered for years by people who do not know to look out for them.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Wood Shake Siding Install And Repair Specialists?

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