Hardi Install And Repair Services in Carmel, NY

Developed over a century ago, this type of siding has risen and waned in popularity, but it is an option with one of the best warranties in the country and is also sometimes known as America’s favorite siding material.

What Are Hardi Install And Repair Services?

Hardi siding is a type of cement board siding where a special concoction of sand, cellulose fibers, and cement is mixed to form an upstanding material for the boards. As with other cement-type sidings, this Hardi siding is extremely customizable and different additives can be added to give homeowners a diverse range of options to match their personal preferences.

Hardi siding does not just have good looks, it is also extremely functional. For example, it is highly fire-resistant and will not be combustible in the event of a fire. In fact, this siding material will not act as fuel and will therefore be an additional layer of protection to you and your family in the event that a fire breaks out. On top of this, Hardi siding is also pest resistant, woodpecker resistant, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance! All you and your family will need to do is clean it off with a garden hose and medium bristle nylon brushes around twice a year to keep it looking brand new. However, it is important to note that it might require repainting after around a decade of use and can have a longer installation time.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Hardi Install And Repair Services

It is important that you engage a professional Hardi install and repair service provider as each Hardi board is extremely heavy and is more challenging for an amateur to work with than any other siding material like vinyl or wood. In fact, having your Hardi siding installed by a non-factory trained professional may also affect the warranty that you get on the product itself. More importantly, Hardi siding is a great financial investment, and you need to get people who know what they are doing and have experience with installing this form of siding so that you can minimize additional costs incurred from mistakes.

When Do You Need Hardi Install And Repair Services?

If your current siding is showing signs of wood rot, loose boards, holes, cracks, or general damage, it is important for you to engage a professional to do an inspection and a replacement if necessary. Your siding is your first line of defense to ensure that your house and the people living within are protected from the natural elements.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Hardi Install And Repair Services Specialists?

Each of our installation and repair service specialists will be able to give you expert recommendations on what works best for your housing structure, as well as your preferred design profile.

For more information about our Hardi install and repair services, call us at 914-837-041 today.

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