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The attic may just be that small room in your home that is often out of sight. It may have been constructed to provide a space where one of the kids can sleep. Although small and out of sight, there are factors that are important to take note of when it comes to roof integrity, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. There are various attic services that Honey Do Men offer to homeowners. Here is a list.

Attic Fan Installation

Installing fans in the attic will assure that there is proper air circulation in the space. This guarantees that the attic stays dry while keeping the air fresh all the time. When you have one installed in your attic, you are sure to keep the area cool, especially so during summertime. At Honey Do Men we ensure that you experience all this with our attic fan installation service. 

Attic Vent Cleaning

Keeping the attic vent clean is crucial to promote proper airflow in the area. If you are in need of such services for your home, feel free to contact us at Honey Do Men. Our experts will make sure to run to the rescue, anytime you need us to. 

Attic Structural Integrity Inspection

Are there stains on your ceiling or water damaging your walls? These and all other signs of leaking need to be inspected. During an inspection, we make sure that we go as high as the attic area to see if the water damage comes from that spot. We replace lumber quickly to save you money from possible costly roof repairs later on. We have other services to offer along this line, so feel free to call us when you notice these problems in your home.

Attic Mold Removal and Prevention

Molds love to thrive in dark, moist places, and your attic can be that spot where they breathe and multiply. This happens when there are cracks and holes in your attic, which is a perfect spot for mold and mildew to build up. When this happens, the wood in that area will certainly rot. We can help you do away with the problem through preventative maintenance. We address any signs of trouble right when you spot them and call us for help. From there, we will help remove molds when there are any.

Attic Insulation Services

Aside from installing fans to allow air to circulate in your attic, we also have attic insulation services to offer. This will help regulate the temperature in the room, regardless of the temperature outside. This energy-efficient solution won’t make your heaters and air conditioners work too much.

Attic Door and Stair Installation Services

Doors and stairs are integral to attic construction. This is perfect, whether you use the space for storage or other purposes. We can install drop-down stairs to replace the usual ladder that you have been using. We also install new doors or replace old ones, when needed.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Attic Services?

With our more than two decades of existence, Honey Do Men is recognized for offering a comprehensive range of remodeling services (attic services included). We are your most trusted one-stop-shop for every home improvement project. We repair, rebuild, renovate, and install what you need in your home.

If you want to learn more about our attic services for your home, contact Honey Do Men today.

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