Home Renovation and Remodelling Ideas

Wouldn’t you like to spruce up your home? Even if you are generally satisfied with the design and conditions of your home, there will always be those few areas that require a little more attention. Perhaps you have an unused reading nook that has become storage space, or a bathroom that’s inconvenient to move around in. Although many home remodelling concepts simply involve paint, new fixtures, and careful reorganization, there are many renovation ideas you might feel like embarking on. Here are a few worth considering.

Kitchen Wall Cabinets with Open Shelving

Many kitchens deal with the same issue – wall cabinets hanging over your work surface. Wall cabinets are unquestionably useful, allowing you to easily access items. Basic pantry essentials can also be hidden by cabinet doors. However, wall cabinets tend to create a shadow over your workspace, preventing it from feeling airy and open. Why not replace them with open shelving? Open shelves make the kitchen feel lighter and brighter. However, make sure you have adequate storage for items that have to be relocated elsewhere.

Bathroom with a New Tub and Shower

Having a bathroom with a bathtub planted within an alcove and no shower can make bath time a miserable affair. Try opening up your bathroom and making it airier by getting rid of both the alcove bathtub and claustrophobic alcove. A new drop-in bathtub, as well as a frameless glass shower, will cater to your needs, be it for relaxation or convenience, making the bathroom feel larger and more spacious.

Remodeled Patio

Ever wondered how to transform your shabby and neglected patio? Patios are great for group outdoor gatherings, be they barbecues, or nightcaps. No one wants to spend time on an unappealing and dirty patio overgrown with neglected plants. You can install new concrete pavers to create a clean, fresh patio space, and maybe even add a small fire pit as a focal point. Trimming back overgrown greenery is one of the least expensive ways to breathe new life into your patio.

Functional and Lovely Kitchen Island

Is your home’s kitchen island underused? It may be due to the lack of redeeming qualities, save for a functional purpose like serving as a place to drop off the mail or put groceries down. A kitchen island needs to be warm, inviting, and bursting with life. One idea is to convert it to a breakfast bar with seats, a sink, and an added countertop hang, giving friends and family a reason to congregate and cook together.

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