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Vinyl Siding Installation Services

The exterior of a house is the first thing that you look at when you approach a home. Other than the doors, windows, and garden, something that plays a big role in how the house looks is the vinyl siding that is used.

Here at Honey Do Men, we are experts in siding and can help homeowners get the best out of their home improvement projects, replacements, and repairs.  Not only will you have peace of mind that your home will look the way you want, but the entire process will also be stress and worry-free.

About Vinyl Siding

Siding, also known as wall cladding, is a protective layer made by attaching extra material to the exteriors of your house. This is important for ensuring that your home has an additional defense against the natural elements, allowing for a more comfortable environment within your home.

Siding can be made out of many materials; however, it is important that these materials are both cost-efficient and durable. Vinyl siding in particular is an engineered material mostly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. Introduced to the market as a form of replacement for the aluminum siding used then, vinyl siding can be low maintenance, cost-efficient, and looks good even after many years.

  • Traditional Clap Board

Traditional clap board siding is when there are horizontal layers of low narrow panels or boards attached to your house. This leads to a simple design of parallel lines. In fact, it is a classic design that has helped it become the most popular form of siding sold.

  • Dutch Lap

Dutch Lap siding is similar to traditional clap boarding in that it features parallel boards. However, it mimics Old World-style, hand-carved wood siding that is found in traditional houses.

  • Cedar Perfections

For Cedar Perfections, these sidings are designed in order to be an alternative to wood shingles. While they still offer the look of traditional cedar sidings, this will not require the high maintenance levels or the expense of actual wood shingles.

  • Scallop

Scalloped siding, also known as half-round siding, is commonly seen in traditional Victorian-style homes. They are an outstanding design element that is great for accenting small areas around the house.

  • Board And Batten

Board and Batten sidings feature wide vertical boards that are joined with battens, or thin vertical strips, that cover the seams between each board.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Vinyl Siding Installation Services

With any form of an exterior home improvement project, it is important that you hire a professional in order to get the best recommendation for your structure. More importantly, it can also lead to expensive mistakes that delay the timeframe for your entire project.

When Do You Need Vinyl Siding Installation Services?

Sidings generally have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. This will also depend on your climate and home environment as intense sunlight might affect the appearance of your exterior panels.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Vinyl Siding Installation Specialists?

When you choose to work with Honey Do Men, you are choosing to have upstanding service, affordable prices, free estimates, and many other benefits. In fact, you will only pay when the job is done perfectly!

For more information about our vinyl siding installation services, call us at (914) 362-2662 today.

“We just had a job finished at our house in Westchester by Honey Do Men. They cleaned and repaired gutters, and added aluminum trim to the roofline as an alternative to painting. They came to the house, did the work, cleaned up perfectly all exactly as promised. I would definitely recommend them to others for any home repairs or projects.”

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