All warranties issued by the company cover the repair to the specific item warrantied, and do not include any subsequent damage that may be caused to other areas of the home because of the failure of the work or product that was warrantied.

Repair Work Warranties:

Any warranties issued on repair work, bandage work, and patchwork that is not a full installation or replacement will cover the area or item worked on only. It does not cover other areas surrounding or related to the problem. In other words, we warranty our work, not the leak. For example, leaks can often come from multiple areas. If we are hired to repair one specific area, we warranty the repair work to that area. Often leaks come from the combination of several different problem areas converging into one spot. A second service call or repair ticket may be needed in order to fix these areas, or a complete replacement may be recommended so that we can warranty the “leak.”

Should a customer hire us for a replacement job within six months of a repair job, 50% of the cost of the repair will be credited toward the cost of the installation or replacement. Also, full replacements and installations are not subject to sales tax, and we can warranty the problem — not just the repair work.

Roof Wash / Roof Cleaning / Roof Restoration:

5-year Limited Warranty
If any of the stains, streaks, or other discoloration to the roof caused by algae, mold, moss, or lichen should return within the first 12 months of treatment, we will come back at no charge and retreat the area. If it comes back between years two and five, you pay only $.85 per square foot to treat the infected area.

Seamless Gutter Installation

30-year Warranty 
  • Warranty covers any repairs needed due to faulty workmanship or material defect.
  • The finish/paint is warrantied for life that you will never have to repaint our gutters (just clean the outside finish of your gutters once every 3 years to keep them looking new).
  • The material is warrantied for life so you will never have to replace it, nor will it rust, break, or wear out for 50 years.
  • The pitch of the gutter is guaranteed to always drain the water runoff to your leaders and not hold more than a 1/4″ of water.
  • Corners, seams and endcaps are warrantied never to leak thanks to our triple-seal seaming system.
  • The warranty does not cover any repairs that may be needed because of Mother Nature, acts of God, or other persons.

Examples: Tree falls on gutter; Ice dam bent, broke, or pulled the gutter off the house; Roofer damages the gutter while replacing your roof; House settles or shifts, throwing off the pitch of the gutter. Most common inquiry to a gutter installation job is water leaking behind a gutter after install. See FAQ “Short Shingle Flashing” for more information on this.

Gutter Cover: ShurFlo

10-year warranty/Lifetime
If you do nothing to the gutters after we install ShurFlo on your gutters, we warranty that your gutters will be free-flowing and clog-free for 10 years. At that point, the covers will have to be removed, the gutters cleaned, leaders cleared of clogs, and the screen put back in.
If you hire us to come in once every five years to perform a gutter tune-up on the system, we warranty that the system will work for life.

Gutter Shell

Lifetime Warranty – Free-Flowing and Clog-Free

Maintenance-Free. Guaranteed for life to keep your gutters clean and clear of any debris that would cause a backup, overflow, clogs, or the need to ever have to clean your gutters again.

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