Home Renovation and Remodeling Glossary

Home improvement is not a subject that every homeowner is familiar with. Whether you need window installation or kitchen remodeling, if you are in need of making some necessary home improvements, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the most commonly used terms. We have prepared this glossary of home improvement terminology to help you in your home improvement journey.


A sum of money put aside in the construction contract for expenditures that will emerge throughout the course of the building project. It is usually used for specifics that will be chosen after the construction has begun, such as the sort of tile to be used, cabinet fittings, and other such things.

Angle Supply or Angle Stop

A valve that links the water pipes inside the wall to the fixtures outside the wall.

Back Priming

To paint the back or outside of a piece of woodwork. This prevents the grain of the wood from constricting or bulging.


Bubbling that might appear on a freshly painted surface. Moisture in the painted surface, applying a second coat of paint before the first coat has dried, or excessive heat can all produce blistering.


Typically used to cover gaps between surfaces in a bathroom, kitchen, or outside exterior. This prevents water leaks and serves as a general barrier against the weather.

Circuit Breaker

A device that is housed in the main electrical panel. Its primary functions are to manage the amount of electricity that runs via a certain circuit and to turn off power to some or all portions of a residence.

Cost-Plus Contract

A formal agreement between the contractor and the homeowner stating that the contractor’s remuneration for the project will be a percentage of the total cost of the materials and labor.

Dry Rot

It is a fungus that consumes wood fibers, reducing them to powder. Dry rot flourishes in wet, humid environments.


The process of determining a project’s cost. Estimation usually results in a ballpark cost estimate and is done before signing the finalized contract.


A device that controls the flow of electricity. When the current surpasses a particular amperage and the fuse becomes overloaded, it will “break” and disrupt the circuit.


To imitate wood grain on a surface using staining, specialist painting processes, or paint colors.

Insulating Glass

A door or window made up of more than a pane of glass. The gaps between the glass panes are sealed hermetically.


A board that is usually rectangular in shape and is fixed in a frame. Typically refers to the panels that make up a cabinet or door frame.

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