Deck Painting Services

Your deck is constantly exposed to the elements throughout the year – getting rained on, frozen, and burnt by the sun. This can cause it to start looking somewhat shabby, weathered, or just somewhat ugly.

Before you start thinking of redoing your whole deck, think about the last time that you stained or painted your deck. If it was a while ago, that could be all you need to give your deck a new chance at life!

What Are Deck Painting Services?

Painting your deck may seem like something anyone can do within a few days. However, there are many steps to take before and after to ensure that your paints are applied properly and do not crack due to poor application.

Before you even start to paint your deck, it is important to clean your deck thoroughly, This will involve the use of special cleaners and revivers that are made to restore wood and also to remove moss, algae, and mold. During this process, it is also important to take note of any damage in your deck like cracks, holes, insect infestations amongst others. It is better to take note of and address any issues before you start painting to ensure the structural integrity and condition of your deck.

If your decking has layers of old paint and you would like to have a natural wood look for your deck, the professional deck painting specialist may choose to use either a palm or belt sander. If not, pressure washing would be enough to prep the deck. Another thing to take into consideration is the weather for the few days that you plan to paint. It is important that there will not be wet weather during the few days that it will take for the painting and drying of the paint.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Deck Painting Services

There are many benefits to hiring professional deck painting specialists. Firstly, professional painters will definitely come with the right tools needed for your type of deck and paint which will help them take on the assignment easier. Next, most professional deck painting specialists will also be able to take on any necessary repair works, becoming a one-stop-shop for all your deck needs.

When Do You Need Deck Painting Services?

The best time to call in deck painting services is either when your current paint layer is starting to look faded or cracking and peeling. By engaging professional deck painting specialists, you can be sure that your deck will get a new breath of life with a coat of fresh paint.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Deck Painting Specialists?

At Honey Do Men, we strongly pride ourselves on being able to handle all the different aspects of deck repair, installation, or painting. This is inclusive of the planning and permit application for any new structures. More importantly, we are focused on providing our customers with quality work without overselling products that are not needed.

For more information about our deck painting services, call us at 914-837-041 today.

“We just had a job finished at our house in Westchester by Honey Do Men. They cleaned and repaired gutters, and added aluminum trim to the roofline as an alternative to painting. They came to the house, did the work, cleaned up perfectly all exactly as promised. I would definitely recommend them to others for any home repairs or projects.”

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