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Questions To Ask When Planning A Vinyl Siding Installation

If you are considering a vinyl siding installation, you’ll want to engage the right contractor for the project. There are many factors to consider in the process such as the material, budget, warranty, and more. As you research and meet with vinyl siding installers, you need to know what questions to ask because they will help you identify who’s the right person for the job. To help you get started, we’ve gathered a list of questions for you.

What’s the Total Cost?

You may be given an estimated cost by your contractor. Don’t take for granted that this will be the final amount you have to pay. Check to see what is being covered by this cost. Does it include waste removal, materials, labor, or other related costs? Any unforeseen repairs needed due to water damage, rot, termite, carpenter ants, and so on will be made as needed where found. It’s also advisable to prepare additional money in case of damages that arise during the installation process.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Your contractor may be managing multiple projects at once so they may need more time to complete the job. If you prefer to have everything done as soon as possible, ask if they’re available to do so. Different contractors will offer different timelines so it’s important to find out the duration they need to finish the job.

How Many Years Have You Been in This Business?

Knowing about your contractor’s experience in this industry helps you to decide who’s best suited for the job. Are they an established company with a business card and physical office? Or do they only provide you with a post office box as their address? The latter may be a little questionable as it could imply they are just here to make some quick money.

Also, an experienced vinyl siding contractor will share with you different projects they’ve worked on. They can tell you what issues to expect and how to resolve them. No one project is guaranteed to be smooth so having a skilled contractor handling your project is essential. They can take care of any problems that pop up during installation.

Are There References From Your Previous Projects?

Verification is important. Ask for photos of similar projects they’ve worked on and how they completed them. Most contractors will feature a gallery of previous works on their website. You’ll know if they are legit if they can show you photos of their works and describe the process to you in detail. You can also ask if they have references from other customers they’ve worked with in your neighborhood. When checking their references, ask about their experience with the company. Were they punctual? Was the job done well and on time? Were there any extra charges? Alternatively, you can search about them online and read what customers say about them on Google reviews and social media.

How Long Does Your Vinyl Siding Last?

You want to know about the lifespan of your siding. Generally, vinyl siding lasts for 10 to 15 years but this is depending on the material you use as well as climatic factors. A qualified vinyl siding contractor can answer all your questions about how long your siding will last. Higher quality materials could last longer but the installation process makes a difference! That’s why you need to hire the right contractor who can perform the installation that meets your expectations.