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Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Windows?

When your windows are not functioning as they should, you may be having a tough time deciding between repair or replacement. While replacement may be the best choice most of the time, there’s also cost to consider. Replacing all the windows in your house can quickly start to add up. In this article, we share with you some signs to watch out for when choosing between window repair or replacement.

Choose Window Repairs When…

  • The Glass is Cracked or Broken

A broken window can result in safety issues as well as that of visual acuity. It is easy to replace the glass on single-paned windows, but you may need to get sash replacement when a multi-paned window is cracked.

  • There is Mild Water Leakage

Yes, windows are meant to keep water out of your house, but not if it’s being directed with too great a force. Mild water leakage can point to a problem with your gutters, drainpipes, siding or roof, which you will want to take a closer look at before repairing your window.

  • Rotting or Missing Drip Cap

As the exterior shield on the top of your window, it is easy to get a new drip cap without having to replace your entire window. While this is a project homeowners may undertake themselves, it’s best to leave it to the professionals if you’re unsure of the techniques required.

  • Damaged Exterior Casing

If the exterior casing of your window is damaged, the good news is that you do not have to replace the whole window. However, what you will need to do is get a new casing and remove the old one.

Choose Window Replacement When…

  • There is Severe Water Leakage

When water is able to get into your home due to a broken window, the damage is unlikely to be confined to the window alone and can extend into the structure of your home. In this case, not only will the window need to be replaced, so will the exterior surrounding it.

  • The Window is Foggy

Foggy windows can affect visibility, spoiling the view you have of your yard or driveway. This means that water is condensing on the inside of your window, which shouldn’t be happening with multi-paned windows. Today’s windows are able to achieve this through an insulated glass unit, which is sealed and permanent. Once its function has been compromised, the only option is removal and replacement.

  • Crumbling Outer Structure

Do you notice that the outer structure of your window is crumbling? If so, this can indicate that the area around the window requires some work done on it, too. This can include the sheathing, insulation, studs, and siding.

Honey Do Men Can Assist You with Window Repairs, Replacement and Installation

Whether you require window installation services or window replacements, our professional team at Honey Do Men is up to the job. Having served more than 22,000 satisfied clients since our inception, we are well-versed in carrying out a variety of home inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement services. We offer 0% financing options to suit the needs of our clients and all our technicians are highly qualified!