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Second Story Addition Vs. Basement Remodeling: What Is Your Choice?

Only have the time and money for one home improvement project, and wondering which to choose? When deciding between second story addition vs. basement remodeling for your home, this will depend on factors such as cost, market conditions, personal preferences, and the structure of your home. Read on to find out more in this article!

Understanding Basement Remodeling 

In order to remodel a basement, you must already have a finished basement. If you do not, the cost of finishing your basement can quickly start to add up, particularly if it retains a lot of moisture. This can include the cost of insulation, installing drywall, painting, flooring, applying for a permit, and much more.

A basement remodeling project can increase the value of your house, particularly if you choose to add an extra living space, bedroom or bathroom. Or you may have some ideas for customization that will improve your family’s lifestyle, such as adding a home gym or a game room. Keep in mind that since below ground square footage is not counted in the total area of your home,  it may not add as much value as remodeling the main living area would. However, this is sometimes not the case, if the remodeling is done with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and permit with an egress window.

Understanding Second Story Additions

If there’s no basement in your home but you need an addition due to growing family size or any other reason, consider a second story addition. When you don’t have room to build a ground-level extension such as a garage, this is a good option to consider too. Unlike basement remodeling, a second story addition will add valuable square footage to your home and increase its value that way, coming with a high ROI.

Do keep in mind that second story additions are complex, and changes may have to be made to the foundation of your home. This can mean that you may need to find somewhere else to stay while work is in progress. The initial cost will also be higher, and plans will have to be drawn up by engineers. You can expect a longer downtime and additional costs such as that of a new roof.

Which Should You Go for?

Ultimately, the best home addition option for you comes down to several factors. This includes:

Cost: What is your budget?

Structure of your home: For instance, can the foundation hold the extra weight of a second story? Do you have a basement to begin with?

Your needs and personal preferences: Is the addition meant for a games room that can be underground, or for a child’s bedroom that needs to be near yours instead of underground?

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