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Do You Need Gutter Cleaning Or Gutter Guards?

Cleaning the gutters is a tedious and messy chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a product that can eliminate the need to clean your gutters again? Well, before someone invents such a product, you’re still going to need gutter cleaning or gutter guards to prevent clogging. But how do you decide which one is suitable for your home? Read on to find out more about each option.

Gutter Guards

Also known as gutter covers or gutter screens, gutter guards are installed over the top of your gutters to stop debris from entering. They also enable water to drain out of your home properly. There are different types of gutter guards in the market. Each type has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the common gutter guard systems:

  • Micro mesh
  • Metal gutter cover
  • Reverse-curve gutter guardsOpen-cell polyurethane insert

Honey Do Men specifically offers three types of gutter guards:

  • Plain Mesh Screening: this will keep out larger twigs, but it is still recommended that you clean your gutters once a year.Shurflo gutter covers: this has a 25-year manufacturer warranty, but it is still recommended that you clean your gutters once every 10 to 15 years.
  • The only downside of using a Shurflo gutter cover is that if you face problems with ice dams, the product may worsen the issue.
  • Leaftech gutter covers: this comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never need to clean your gutters ever again! If you do face any issues, Honey Do Men can solve them at no cost. The only downside of using the product is that it can’t be installed on a flat roof because the system gets installed under the shingles.

Gutter guards reduce the hassle of scheduling gutter cleanings. Furthermore, cleaning a gutter on your own is dangerous and time-consuming. Gutter guards also reduce the risk of encountering damage caused by clogging or stagnant water. These guards are also considered a capital improvement, so they are non-taxable!

Gutter Cleaning

On the other hand, gutter cleaning is an inexpensive solution, especially if cost is a consideration. Most gutter cleaning services can complete the job in about an hour. They will remove dirt, leaves, and anything that clogs the gutters before flushing the entire system to ensure water flows properly. With that said, cleaning the gutters is no easy task, so you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Hire an expert to help you handle it.

Honey Do Men has assisted over 22,000 clients in handling their home improvement needs and has been featured in the media many times. Our company is BBB-accredited with an A+ rating and we’re proud to say that we haven’t received any complaints to date!