White Washing Services

Are you tired of the red brick wall in your house but still want to preserve the general look of that brick wall that you have painstakingly put in? White washing your brick installation might be an option for your brick walls.

What Are White Washing Services?

White washing is a way to preserve your brick’s beautiful, natural color and texture while getting a change of look. This is done by preparing a solution of white latex paint and water that is later applied via rag or brush onto a clean brick surface. This might sound similar to just using regular paint to give a fresh color to your wall, but full latex paint will result in an opaque color that will cover all of the brick.

Benefits of Hiring Professional White Washing Services

It might sound like a really simple process to just paint over the brick with the white washing liquid, but it actually takes multiple priming and finishing steps. For example, although brick is a durable material, it can still be easily damaged by harsh cleaning processes. This means that a fine balance needs to be made between effective cleaning and protecting the natural brick surface.

If your brick has ever been printed, there will also be an additional step of removing all the old paint. Whether it is by using a wire brush, paint scraper, or even a putty knife, remove all the peeling and chipped paint from the brick to ensure that the white washing goes smoothly.

Lastly, white wash isn’t like paint and will not cover the surface evenly. The final color will depend on the absorption rate of the porous bricks, and this means that the color will change as the bricks soak up the paint. All these will require an expert eye to better gauge and apply the appropriate techniques required for your white wash to apply smoothly.

When Do You Need White Washing Services?

White washing is a necessary alternative to painting. This is because choosing to put in that beautiful brick wall was an expensive aesthetic choice. Not only will renovation and demolition be expensive and messy, but it will also be extremely costly if you ever miss the aesthetic.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s White Washing Specialists?

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