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Top Tips To Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior Before Spring Arrives

As Spring comes around, the days are longer, and the temperature feels warmer. Chances are you will be spending more time outside your home – perhaps in your backyard or by your pool. With this period being a time for change and renewal, it is also the best time to inspect and examine whether the Winter season might have done a number on your home’s structural integrity, and to see how you can elevate your home’s exterior to be more aesthetically pleasing on your eyes. Here are five tips on how you can upgrade your home’s exterior before Spring arrives.

Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

One simple yet vastly way to revamp the exterior of your home is by picking a new and interesting eye color that elevates the curb appeal of your home. As it has been exposed to the elements, there are bound to be some cracks, stains, and peeling in the paint. We’d recommend going with a neutral color scheme that will transcend, space, time, and trends, ensuring that the exterior stays looking good years later.

One great idea is that you can select three distinct hues for the trim, siding, and accents for different parts of the home to achieve a vibrant and sophisticated look. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have it done by professional or put in the world and do a little DIY.

Clean Your Gutters

Rainwater cannot drain properly if downspouts and gutters are blocked with debris and dead leaves. Therefore, gutter cleaning is needed to prevent water from overflowing. Neglecting this issue typically results in water damage on both the exterior and interior of your home.

Change Your Front Door

Start the new season by switching out your front door for a new one. An exterior renovation of the house would feel incomplete without a new door that matches the new and fresh coat of paint. This will not only change your home feels but also gives off a great first impression to your guests who visit your home. Whether it’s painting a fresh coat on the door to cover cracks, blemishes, and stain or replacing it entirely with a new one, an improvement is always welcomed.

Repair and Clean Your Roof

With hailstones, heavy storms and snowfall being increasingly common towards the end of last year, your roof might have suffered some serious damage in its shingles, gutters, and pipe boot. If you have noticed that cracks are starting to form on your ceiling, you might want to hire a roofing repair expert like Honey Do Men to inspect and rectify any damages your roof have sustained from the end of the winter. This could pose several and potential hazards to the structural integrity of your home and could more problems during the warmer parts of the year. If you have fiberglass or asphalt shingles, you will love our roof shampoo services.

At Honey Do Men, we offer a range of roofing services including, soft washing or cleaning, coating, inspection, restoration, ventilation, repair, as well as other housing maintenance services. These remodeling and maintenance services are always done by our trusty, experienced, and highly qualified professionals to ensure that your roof is kept at its optimum quality and condition.

For more information about our roofing services, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 914-837-041.