Looking for a Home Improvement Contractor in the Bronx, NY?

Our founder established Honey-Do-Men several decades back in 2001. Since then, we have become known as a team that is concerned with everything that you need to keep your home in order. We were founded in Yorktown, New York, but we have already expanded our reach to deliver services to the whole state, the Bronx included. Whether you need roof repair, gutter protection, and other handyman services in the Bronx, we are here to help.

About the Bronx

The borough of the Bronx in New York City is famous for the Yankee Stadium, which is the home to the state’s well-known baseball team, the New York Yankees. It also has the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. A landscaped public garden known as Wave Hill is also popular with locals and tourists. The Bronx is home to the Co-op City, the largest cooperative-owned space in the United States.

Exterior Services in the Bronx

Do your gutters in the Bronx need protection from leaks? Perhaps you need gutter cleaning in the Bronx. Is your entire roof needing inspection for possible repair or replacement? If you have any of these concerns, together with other exterior-related problems, never hesitate to call our team for help. We are here to improve your home’s curb appeal, anytime, anywhere in New York. We will work on your patio, fencing, driveways, and attics whenever you give us a call and request our help.

Interior Services in the Bronx

When was the last time you had your bathroom remodeled? Do you feel like now is the time to do that? What about the kitchen? Do existing countertops and cabinetry need to be replaced? All these, and more, are part of Honey-Do-Men’s interior services in the Bronx. We also offer interior painting services for drywall, pantries, basements, kitchens, and bedrooms. The perimeter of a home is important for security reasons. Honey-Do-Men can provide fence installation services in the Bronx. Our home improvement specialists in the Bronx are more than happy to help enhance the appeal and functionality of your property.

Handyman Services in the Bronx

Whether you want to install shelves, hang paintings, assemble furniture, or seek help with TV mounting, Honey-Do-Men will be here to assist you. We are well-trained to handle all sorts of handyman work, and perform general upkeep to keep your home free from any damages, thus serving its purpose to give you and your family protection for a long time.

Why Choose Honey-Do-Men’s Home Improvement Contractors in the Bronx?

Home renovation services are some of our core services here at Honey-Do-Men. Since 2001, our company has been repairing and maintaining roofs, windows, chimneys, decks, HVAC systems, and more. We are the go-to services provider for home improvement solutions in the Bronx and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we are fully insured and licensed, which is an affirmation of our commitment to providing quality home improvement services in the Bronx.

Contact Honey-Do-Men now for further inquiries on our home improvement services in the Bronx. Call 914-837-041 or contact us online to get started!

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