Stucco Siding Installation and Repair Services

Popular amongst the Mediterranean and Spanish architecture, stucco siding has started to gain traction amongst American homes. It has many desired properties that allow it to be extremely resilient to different weather conditions and housing styles.

What Are Stucco Siding Install and Repair Services?

To begin with, one would first have to understand what exactly stucco is. Stucco siding is made with a mixture that consists of lime, water, Portland cement, and sand. This cement-style mixture is then mixed to create a liquid for thin finish coats to be applied onto both commercial and residential buildings. Modern stucco mixtures have also included polymers and other additives that help with extending its lifespan and increasing flexibility.

When choosing a stucco siding system, there are three options, in particular, to look out for. They differ mainly in the number of coats that will need to be applied to the exterior walls. The mixture that was mentioned above is generally used for the one and two-coat systems. However, the number of coats will depend on the material of the wall that it is being applied onto.

For three coat systems, acrylic additives and fiberglass are also added along with furred chicken wire and a finish coat to create the texture that is preferred.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Stucco Siding Install and Repair Services

Stucco is generally only done by professionals as it requires many layers that are applied in separate applications. This is not only time-consuming but also extremely labor-intensive. Each application process will also highly differ depending on the system that was preferred, the desired finish of the final product as well as the structure and material of the house. With professional installers, they will not only have the right tools that can make a difference with the assignment at hand but there will also be warranty coverage and contractual agreements that will help protect you and other homeowners from any installation errors or failure to deliver a satisfactory final product. More importantly, stucco siding install and repair specialists will be able to give expert recommendations to ensure that your siding installation process and final products will meet the building code requirements for safe structures.

When Do You Need Stucco Siding Install and Repair Services?

Siding installation and repair can be a pain to manage. However, your exterior walls will not last forever. Whether it is due to extreme weather conditions or simply because they have withstood decades of wear and tear, the sidings on your home will require replacement when cracks and other forms of damage start to appear. This is not just to ensure that your home’s exterior still looks amazing, but also to create a safe and cozy environment within.

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