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Roof Restoration

When homeowners perform home maintenance, one area which tends to be overlooked is the roof. That is, however, a grave mistake, as the roof is what protects the inhabitants of the house from the elements, keeping your home comfortable, safe, and warm. As the roof is exposed to the elements every second of the day, an unmaintained roof would sooner or later fail in its protective function, placing the health and safety of your loved ones in jeopardy. 

What are Roof Restoration Services?

The term “roof restoration” can be a rather misleading one, as the process of restoring one’s roof does not simply entail repairing a small part of the roof with obvious, visible damages. Rather, it involves looking at the entire roof as a whole and upgrading it. Prior to the commencement of the restoration process, the roof must first be thoroughly inspected, followed by thorough cleaning. Thereafter, repairs are carried out according to the type of damage sustained, as well as the kind of roof. For instance, a leaking metal roof can be caused by holes at the intersection point of the metal sheets which make up the roof. To fill up these holes, a patch that is made of the same material as the roof is used to cover them. For aesthetic purposes, the patch is often of the same color as the roof, thus blending impeccably into the background. 

For tiled roofs that have been damaged by a heavy, falling tree branch, the restoration process involves the replacement of the roof’s bedding and the repointing of ridge tiles. After the repairs are done, fungicide and a protective sealant are applied to prevent future leaks, as well as algae, moss, and mildew from growing. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roof Restoration Services

Safety is the main reason why you should engage professional roof restoration services, rather than doing the job on your own. Roofing is a very risky endeavor as unmaintained roofs tend to be slimy and slippery as a result of roof growth. There are numerous falling accidents reported annually throughout the country, and a significant proportion of them involves roofing professionals who are already taking the necessary safety precautions! 

Another reason is the lack of experience on the part of most homeowners. More often than not, the short period of time you spend watching videos posted online to educate yourself on how to repair a roof is no match for the years of experience and know-how a professional roofing company possesses. If you decide to engage in the repairs yourself and end up making a mess of it, you will end up having to hire a contractor to fix your mistakes, thus stretching your budget. 

When do You Need Roof Restoration Services?

There are numerous warning signs which indicate that it’s time for you to engage professional roof restoration services. For instance, if water is leaking through your roof in more than one area of your house, it is high time that you get it repaired, or even replaced. Also, the lifespan of a typical roof is between 20-25 years. If the age of your roof is significantly lower but requires regular repairs, you should get in touch with a professional roofing company immediately. 

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Roof Restoration Specialists?

At Honey Do Men, we have over the past 43 years served more than 22,000 clients without having a single complaint lodged against us with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Additionally, we have had an A+ rating from the BBB for the past 19 years running. The aforementioned achievements are just two in an extensive list. 

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