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Roof Inspection

As a property owner, everything in your house requires routine maintenance, and the same applies to your roof. While not exactly located in your house, a properly functioning roof shields your house and its inhabitants from the elements and creates a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones to live in. Being an integral part of your house’s structure, it is extremely important that you do not neglect the health of your roof. Many property owners only schedule an inspection for their roofs when they are looking to sell their property. Roofs that are not regularly inspected and maintained often have numerous problems which require repairs, and in extreme cases, a replacement of the roof, the cost of which can be quite exorbitant. To prevent incurring these unnecessary expenses, it would be wise to schedule a routine inspection of your roof bi-annually and rectify any problems before they get worse. 

What are Roof Inspection Services?

Roof inspection services are conducted by professional roofers who will evaluate four general aspects of your roof – its interior and exterior elements, materials, structure, and workmanship. 

  • Interior and exterior elements: The inspector will meticulously examine all the components which make up your roof to ensure that there are no defects.
  • Materials: Roofs can be made up of a variety of materials, each with its own lifespan. Knowing exactly which materials constitute your roof is integral to determining the extent of repairs your roof requires. 
  • Structure: A roof that has poor structural support poses a considerable danger to the inhabitants of the house. 
  • Workmanship: Even if the materials used in the construction of your roof are of the highest quality, shoddy workmanship will also result in poor functionality. A well-functioning roof requires all its components to be assembled properly by skilled professionals. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roof Inspection Services

You might think that it is unnecessary to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof and that you can do this job yourself. However, an untrained eye is unlikely to correctly identify defects and problems with the roof. By misdiagnosing problems, you run the risk of neglecting actual problems or paying unnecessary expenses to fix inexistent problems. In hiring a professional roofer, problems in your roof can be accurately pinpointed and the necessary repairs are done before they spiral out of control. 

When do You need Roof Inspection Services?

Experts generally recommend that your roof be inspected at least twice a year. The most ideal time to conduct a roof inspection is in the spring and fall, as harsh weather conditions which can cause damage to your roof usually occur in the summer and winter. 

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Roof Inspection Specialists?

At Honey Do Men, we have had four decades of professional experience in the roofing industry. In addition, we also have a significant list of achievements, which includes having zero complaints lodged against us with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as holding an A+ rating with them for the past 19 years running. Best of all, our roofing inspection services are provided free of charge, meaning that you will only incur expenses if there are defects in your roof and you decide to fix them. 

For more information about our roof inspection services, call us at (914) 362-2662 today.

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