Roof Cleaning Services in Carmel, NY

One of the most important tasks which you should include on your home maintenance checklist is roof cleaning. Keeping your roof well-maintained can increase its longevity, enhance the curb appeal of your house, as well as increase its property value. Unfortunately, many homeowners often neglect their roofs until the time comes when they are looking to sell their house, or the roof is seriously damaged. As the cost of repairing or even replacing a damaged roof can be rather exorbitant, it would make more sense, financially, to keep your roof well-maintained on a regular basis. 

What are Roof Cleaning Services?

Roof cleaning is just one of many services provided by professional cleaning companies, and it involves the removal of plant and fungal matter which tend to grow on roofs such as algae, moss and mildew. These organisms grow quickly on the parts of the roof which are not exposed to sunlight, holding moisture against the roof surface which accelerates the wear and tear process. Over time, they can stain, and even completely damage your roof. Not only will that cost you a bomb to repair, or even having to replace the roof, it also poses as a health risk to your loved ones living inside the house. 

There are two ways in which to go about cleaning one’s roof. The first, mechanical roof cleaning, involves the processes of brushing and/or power washing. The former involves the use of a brush to scrub the roof shingles to dislodge the algae and moss, whereas the latter uses a high-pressure stream of water which ranges from between 1000 – 3000 psi to physically remove roof growth and is very effective at doing so. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roof Cleaning Services

The biggest reason why you should engage professional roof cleaning services rather than doing the job on your own is safety. Roofing is a very risky job as roof growth tends to render the roof surface slimy and slippery. There are numerous reports of falls from roofs annually, even among professionals who are trained in dealing with roofs.

Another reason is that professional cleaning companies have access to the necessary equipment and possess the know-how to go about doing this incredibly delicate job. Without proper equipment, you may be unable to remove algae and moss from the hard-to-access parts of the roof. Additionally, some parts of your roof might be more fragile than others, stepping on the wrong tile might cause it to break. 

When do You need Roof Cleaning Services?

If you notice the build-up of algae, moss and/or mildew on your roof, or have not had it cleaned in over a year, it is time to make an appointment with a professional cleaning company offering roof cleaning services. If your roof was only installed recently, or it is in good shape, you can engage roof cleaning services biennially. 

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At Honey Do Men, we provide outstanding roof cleaning services at an affordable price. Having served more than 22,000 clients over the past four decades, we boast a list of remarkable achievements, the most notable of which is our proud record of having zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

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