Novelty Wood Siding Install and Repair Services

Novelty wood siding, also known as drop siding, was one of the most popular siding designs in the 1930s. While it has since dropped in popularity, it is still a classic design that lends itself as a unique design feature for your home or building.

What Are Novelty Wood Siding Install and Repair Services?

Novelty siding is similar to the standard clapboard siding in that it has long, thin boards that are arranged horizontally onto an exterior wall. However, a novelty siding can be identified by a Dutch-inspired swoop that can be found at the top of the planks as well as a hidden rabbet that works like a shiplap at the bottom. These features let it become self-spacing, which is a feature that is not found in both bevel and clapboard sidings.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Novelty Wood Siding Install and Repair Services

The siding that you eventually choose is crucial as a protective layer for your exterior walls as well as the inside rooms. Not only will it help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, but it can also help with moisture control as well as add a timeless aesthetic to your exterior walls.

The key lies in choosing the right type of wood for your climate as well as the best types of application and coating to enhance the durability of your fixture. This is best done by a professional with experience in working with such projects.

When Do You Need Novelty Wood Siding Install and Repair Services?

One of the easiest signs to look out for is that you will need novelty wood siding install and repair services if you have any form of damage with the wood panels. This can be obvious like cracking, holes, peeling, or fading due to sun or moisture exposure. However, there are more insidious forms of damage like mold growth or insect infestations.

By choosing to work with a professional, you allow yourself the opportunity to have a trained eye inspect your exterior walls. This means that it might be possible to simply replace a few affected panels and apply a new coat of paint or stain instead of immediately just changing the entire section.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Novelty Wood Siding Install and Repair Specialists?

Every customer that graces the doorsteps of Honey Do Men can be sure that they will have upstanding service that remains affordable. Our team believes that this, and customer satisfaction, is done through promoting clear, constant, and transparent communication. This is why our wood siding install and repair specialists are all able to give free estimates, different wood siding installation and repair options, and inspects before even starting on the project. Even then, there is a guarantee that the customer will only have to pay when a satisfactory project has been finished. This is a testament to our commitment to delivering the results we promised, as well as fostering trust with our clientele by only requesting payment when the service is completed.

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