Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair Services in Carmel, NY

Offering an extensive range of high-quality remodeling services to households is our main aim at Honey Do Men. Our service is one-of-a-kind, as we specialize in home exterior and interior maintenance, renovation, repair, and rebuilding. Seeking exotic hardwood flooring to spruce up your home? Look no further than Honey Do Men’s team of professionals.

What Are Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair Services?

When it comes to interior design and functionality, flooring is an integral element no residence can do without. Exotic hardwood originates from “exotic” or tropical countries like South America, Africa, India, and Asia, and boasts rich, wide grain and vibrant, often contrasting colors. Despite being more expensive than domestic hardwood, exotic hardwood floors are sought not only for their aesthetic value but also for their durability and long-wearing nature. Exotic hardwood flooring installation can help you achieve a modern and contemporary look in your home. Customers can pick from popular options like Tigerwood, Ipe, African Wenge, Santos Mahogany, and more.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair Services

Inexperienced homeowners should not attempt to install expensive exotic hardwood floors on their own. Sourcing and installing the exotic hardwood flooring that best meets your budget and specific needs should be left to professionals. As many exotic species of hardwood require different installation techniques, it is important to make sure that your choice of product and installation is executed properly with professional help. They can also help you navigate different species in order to find authentic and ethically sourced exotic hardwood flooring. However, given that exotic hardwoods make up a small percentage of the hardwood market, many installers tend to only be experienced with domestic species. It is strongly recommended to choose NWFA-certified professional hardwood flooring contractors that have knowledge and experience working with these materials.

When Do You Need Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair Services?

Previously, domestic woods were frequently colored to take on the appearance of exotic hardwood, but due to its widespread availability and relative affordability, having the real deal has become feasible. Interior design-wise, exotic hardwood flooring can be used to create incredibly unique and dramatic effects. Aside from its durability, exotic hardwood flooring also possesses a richness of color that will not fade even under extreme wear and tear. They may also make unique selling points that appeal to future home buyers. Our team will assess the suitability of your house, and/or the state of your existing floor to find the best plan that meets your design and functionality demands.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair Specialists?

Honey Do Men is not your average home improvement contractor. Not only do we cater to all of your interior and exterior home remodeling, repair, and maintenance needs, we also stand out from other service providers in the home improvement industry by offering exceptional customer care and service regardless of specific requirements and budgets. Coupled with our quality products, comprehensive plans, and professionally and efficiently executed installations, other benefits of working with us include free quotes, industry-leading warranties, follow-up services, and access to excellent customer service.

For more information about our exotic hardwood flooring installation and repair services, call us at 914-837-041 today.

“We just had a job finished at our house in Westchester by Honey Do Men. They cleaned and repaired gutters, and added aluminum trim to the roofline as an alternative to painting. They came to the house, did the work, cleaned up perfectly all exactly as promised. I would definitely recommend them to others for any home repairs or projects.”

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