Dutch Lap Wood Siding Install and Repair Services

Are you looking to replace the siding around your home? Dutch Lap siding is a classic choice that does not go out of style. It can be considered a variant of the traditional Clapboard siding method as they do have several similarities, however, the Dutch Lap definitely has its own unique appearance. This type of siding can be found in many architectural designs, especially in traditional or old-school examples, or even in colonial buildings.

About Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch Lap siding is like traditional clapboard siding in that it features boards that have been installed horizontally across the exterior of your building. However, unlike the traditional clapboard siding, Dutch Lap boards are not wedge-shaped. Instead, they have a concave side and a notch at the bottom of each board. Due to this shape, as well as the notch, Dutch Lap siding has an interesting shadow between boards. This allows it to have a unique aesthetic appeal depending on how the notches were carved.

This type of siding was initially made of wood like pine or cedar, but modern manufacturers generally prefer vinyl. Most professionals will also recommend lighter and brighter colors in order to enhance the shadow effect of the siding design.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Dutch Lap Siding Installation Services

Dutch Lap siding is generally quite lightweight and can be cut and installed by amateurs. However, there are still many benefits of hiring a professional to help install it. This is largely because your exterior siding is the first layer of defense to protect your home from the natural elements, thaw conditions, insects, and other issues. Having this done by a professional ensures that you can have peace of mind that your assets are well-protected.

When Do You Need Dutch Lap Siding Installation Services?

The best way to figure out if you need Dutch Lap siding installation services is to look for specialists that offer free inspections. Siding can generally last from around one to four decades, depending on how the material was maintained. For some, any outward damage can be easily spotted and addressed, but amateurs may not be able to identify potential problems until there is significant breakage.

Why Choose Honey-Do-Men’s Dutch Lap Siding Installation Specialists?

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