Doors and Shower Rods Installation Services

We can all agree that the most relaxing area in our homes is the bathroom, aside from the bedroom. This is the place where we can de-stress and spend some quality me-time pampering ourselves after a tiring day. As such, it’s essential to create a nice place for soothing baths. One of the ways to do so is by installing doors or shower rods, which can change up the bathroom’s overall interior.

Understanding Doors and Shower Rods Installation Services

With Honey Do Men, we’ll do all the hard work, so you simply have to tell us of your preferred designs, placements, and other logistic details. We provide a one-stop service that includes supplying any tools and materials, as well as installing the doors and shower rods in the bathroom.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Doors and Shower Rods Installation Services

Do you know that homes with bathrooms installed with doors and shower rods have a higher resale value? By looking at the resale market, a bathroom remodel can increase a home’s value by up to 67%. A bathroom remodel is usually in demand as the bathroom can be a notoriously tricky area to renovate, compared to the yard or kitchen. Therefore, doors and shower rods not only contribute functionality and aesthetics to your bathrooms but also can be financially beneficial when selling the home in the future.

When it comes to installing or fixing doors and shower rods, hiring a professional is a more cost-effective alternative rather than fixing it yourself. The reason is that some parts and materials can be rare to find and expensive, not counting the time and work you have to put into for a DIY job. With our practical experience and skills in the field, we can ensure that the project will be completed to the highest standards.

When Do You Need Doors and Shower Rods Installation Services?

As doors and shower rods create a partitioned area in the bathroom, it makes the bathroom look more organized as a whole. What’s more, taking showers without a door or shower rods can result in water leaking out and creating a puddle, which can be dangerous as it leads to falls and injuries. If there are older adults or children residing in your home, it’s all the more important to install doors and shower rods in the bathroom.

Do take note that shower doors should be cleaned once every few weeks to prevent any water stains, soap residues, and mildew from appearing. Failure to do so would cause the doors and shower rods to dirty up and be hazardous to our health. Regardless, we’re here to help by inspecting or replacing your doors and shower rods.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Doors and Shower Rods Installation Specialists?

Our long-standing history can be attributed to the strong relationships we have built with our clients over the years. We deliver excellent customer service that includes high-quality installations, transparent pricing, punctual appointments, and remarkable warranties.

For more information about our doors and shower rods installation services, call us at 914-837-041 today.

“We were extremely satisfied. The men were very polite and friendly when letting us know they would be working on our roof. They did a fabulous job cleaning the gutters and disposing of all excess garbage cleanup. When done, they made it a point to let us know before leaving. I would definitely recommend Honey Do Men services.”

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