Deck Repair and Maintenance Services

Most decks should be able to withstand up to two decades of usage, however, many homeowners may be feeling the pressure to remove or replace their decks after just a few years. Whether it is starting to get damaged, or simply looking worn and old, you might be able to save your deck with just some simple deck repair and maintenance.

What Are Deck Repair and Maintenance Services?

Deck repair and maintenance is a service that can encompass a wide array of services depending on the type of deck you have, the material used, and any special design features that were put in like fire pits. Regardless, most decks will fall prey to neglect, and homeowners may be tempted to incur unnecessary costs replacing it or due to unnoticed damages.

Regular deck maintenance first starts with a deck inspection. This means checking the different areas of the deck, as well as the structural elements like posts, joists, or stair stringers that are at ground level. If your deck is elevated, it is important also the check for rot in your posts to ensure the structural integrity of the entire deck. On top of this, bolts and screws should all be checked and tightened, replaced if they are rusting. If there are any visible damages or missing flashings or water damage, it is important to highlight these to your deck contractor for repair works.

Next, it is then important to carry out an annual cleaning. This will depend on the material used but will generally involve a fair bit of elbow strength to ensure that the dirt and grime are all removed. Choosing the right cleaner will help you save a lot of effort and will also prepare your deck for any additional layers of protective coating, paint, or stain that you plan to put on.

Something that can get neglected will be the railings of your deck. Make sure that there are no splinters and that they are still secure to ensure the safety of people using your deck.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Deck Repair and Maintenance Services

Working with deck repair and maintenance professionals means that you can save time and effort from having to carry out the tedious activities yourself. Furthermore, with their experience in the field, they may be able to give expert recommendations on repair works that are more cost-efficient or maintenance alternatives that can help save time.

When Do You Need Deck Repair and Maintenance Services?

Deck repair and maintenance should be done at least once annually. Even if aesthetically your deck still looks perfect from the year before, it is important to arrange for an inspection in case there are any less obvious damages like rot or moisture.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Deck Repair and Maintenance Specialists?

Here at Honey Do Men, we aim to be a one-stop shop for our clients to get all their deck repair and maintenance service needs completed. Our team is able to do this due to established relationships with our clients where we truly listen to their feedback and improve our services.

For more information about our deck repair and maintenance services, call us at 914-837-041 today.

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