Cultured Stone Siding Installation and Repair Services

Cultured stone, also known as manufactured stone or man-made stone, is when minerals are used in order to create an end product that looks and feels like real stone. This was first introduced as an alternative to the heavy and harder-to-source natural stone options but has slowly risen in popularity in recent years as a prime substitute.

What Are Cultured Stone Siding Installation and Repair Services?

Cultured stone for sidings is made when a mix of concrete is poured into specially made molds and then colored or painted to match the client’s preferred stone design. Other additives like polymers, clay, and other substances are added to promote desired properties like waterproofing, weatherproofing, or to create the desired color scheme. The molds are also generally made from actual natural stone samples, so the final shape of the cultured stone is as authentic as possible. This type of cultured stone is lighter than natural stone and is also easier to process with a simple sawing process.

There are two different types of cultured stone – the ones that come individually with varying sizes that need to be installed one by one with adhesives and cultured stone panels where an entire sheet is easily attached to the wall with screws or mortar.

Take note that cultured stone is not the same as the faux stone which is made of foam. Cultured stone may not be as durable as natural stone, but it still has longer lifespans than products made of faux stone.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cultured Stone Siding Installation and Repair Services

Cultured stone sidings, and all other forms of stone sidings, should be installed only by experienced individuals who have worked on multiple stone siding installation and repair projects. This is largely due to the tendency to have moisture problems with stone siding installation. When the installation is not done properly, moisture can be trapped within the structure and unable to drain out. While this will not affect the siding significantly, it can cause the wooden structure of your home to absorb large amounts of moisture, leading to the growth of mold or even mold. Professional installers will be able to provide recommendations based on their expertise that can help with mitigating issues like this even in extenuating circumstances.

When Do You Need Cultured Stone Siding Installation and Repair Services?

You will need a professional culture stone siding installer when your existing siding has started to show signs of wear and tear like cracks, holes, or an unexplained increase in your utility bills. Ensuring that your siding is in tip-top condition will help you to better protect your house and the people living within,

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Cultured Stone Siding Installation and Repair Specialists?

At Honey Do Men, our mission is to provide upstanding service to all our clients at affordable and competitive prices. Each one of our specialists has undergone extensive training and can guarantee that the job will be done right before any payment is expected of you.

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