Chimney Repointing Services

Having a beautiful chimney, unfortunately, comes with the needed maintenance to keep it safe and functional. This is especially so if you are still using a traditional fireplace, having a broken down chimney can be extremely dangerous both for the structural integrity of the chimney, but also for the inhabitants within the house. One of the things that can help your chimney is chimney repointing.

What Are Chimney Repointing Services?

Most chimneys are made with bricks that are fixed in place by mortar joints. While bricks themselves are extremely durable, and as an inert material, are generally non-reactive to external elements, the mortar used to secure them is not. After years of prolonged use, these mortar joints will start to break down and there will be voids created in areas of your chimney. Whether it is between the bricks or within the structure itself, the freeze and thaw cycle as well as general exposure to the elements makes this process a relatively inevitable one.

Whenever your chimney is damaged, it might seem like your main and only option is to replace it entirely. However, that is rarely the case, especially if your chimney’s bricks are all still in good condition. Repointing involves removing the existing mortar joints by grinding them out and then filling the joints back in with new mortar and removing the excess. Completing this process will help prevent moisture build-up as well as any further damage to avoid experiencing extensive structural damages.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Chimney Repointing Services

It is important to work with a chimney repointing service specialist when you think your chimney structure is in need of repointing. Not only because it involves working from a great height, but the craftsmanship needed, and the costs of materials can mean any mistakes will incur a substantial amount of additional costs. Furthermore, great care needs to be taken that your existing chimney structure is protected while the repairs are being made in order to not cause other issues.

When Do You Need to Chimney Repointing Services?

If your mortar joints have started to significantly recede or your chimney structure has started looking worn down and fragile, it is time to call up a chimney repointing specialist for an inspection. Even if it is not time for a repointing yet, a specialist will be able to identify any potential issues or give recommendations on maintenance work that can be undertaken to preserve the structural integrity and aesthetics of your chimney.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Chimney Repointing Specialists?

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