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Honey Do Men’s existence is backed by our founder’s years of experience and hard work, as well as our team’s professionalism and diligence. As we have expanded our business, we also strive hard to deliver our services not just to Yorktown, New York residents but also those living in the Tri-State Area. Our comprehensive range of services include everything from exterior remodeling to interior renovations. Our experts know the job very well. If you are in need of repair, renovation, or remodeling services for your home in Bethel, we are more than ready to assist and serve you.

About Bethel

The town of Bethel in New York City’s Sullivan County had a population of about 4,260 as of the 2010 Census. It got its fame and became known all over the world after serving as the location of Woodstock back in 1969. The Woodstock Festival during that time attracted the attention of about 500,000 people, gathering at the infamous Max Yasgur’s Farm for what was then known as “Three Days of Peace and Music.” After that experience, interviews with numerous residents were made, and a documentary about the event was released in 1970. In 1998, a concert was held at the same site, which was a way to revive the glory of the farm. The land was acquired by Alan and Robyn Gerry, the father and daughter tandem behind what is now called the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Ten years after, an interactive museum in memory of Woodstock was opened in the place.

Exterior Services in Bethel

At Honey Do Men, we make sure that you not need to go further when looking for exterior services for your home. Whether you will be painting or repainting your gates or anywhere in your home’s frontage, or you plan of changing leaky roofs, working on clogged gutters, and replacement of old windows, we are here to help. We make sure your home will have a better curb appeal once we are done with our job.

Interior Services in Bethel

As expert interior service providers, we know everything needed for interior home renovation or remodeling. We focus on what will make your home truly functional and beautiful at the same time. We perform minor interior services like floor installation, door repairs, and wall painting. Our major services include an entire kitchen, bathroom or bedroom remodel. Let us know the design that you have in mind, and we will bring them to life.

Handyman Services in Bethel

Honey Do Men also offers all sorts of handyman services like lighting fixture replacement or installation, and electrical repair. We install shelves, and even help with furniture assembly. We take charge of the general upkeep for your home too.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Home Improvement Contractors in Bethel?

When our founder, Darrell Babboni, established Honey Do Men in 1997, he envisioned providing residents of Yorktown, New York with all kinds of home renovation and remodeling services. That was just the start of our now decades of existence. Honey Do Men has rebuilt, repaired, remodeled and maintained both the exterior and interior of countless homes all over the Tri-State Area. Up to now, we are regarded as the most perfect service provider for your needs.

Contact Honey Do Men now for further inquiries on our home improvement services in Bethel. Call 914-837-041 or contact us online to get started!

“We were extremely satisfied. The men were very polite and friendly when letting us know they would be working on our roof. They did a fabulous job cleaning the gutters and disposing of all excess garbage cleanup. When done, they made it a point to let us know before leaving. I would definitely recommend Honey Do Men services.”

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