Home Improvement Contractor in Baldwin Place, NY

We hope to give homeowners access to repair and remodeling services to meet their home needs. You will discover that we are unique because we can handle all the maintenance, rebuild, repair, and remodeling work for homes. If you are looking for a good service provider to repair or renovate your home, this is the right place. We now provide services in Baldwin Place, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any repair or renovation works to be done. We will create a custom solution for your home here at Baldwin Place.

About Baldwin Place

Baldwin place is one of the five communities that are found in the Town of Somers of Westchester County, NY. The other communities include Amawalk, Baldwin Place, Shenorock, and Lincolndale. The Town of Somers is found in the northern part of Westchester County, NY.

You will find that there are many things to do here in Baldwin Place. You can go for a great night out at the lovely restaurants and bars. You can also enjoy the culture and the arts scene around here. Do check out the art exhibits if you are an art lover.

Exterior Services in Baldwin Place

We provide many types of services for the home exterior such as windows, chimneys, gutters, and exterior painting. We are also able to manage your decks, fencing, and driveways. If you want to work on the exterior of your house, we have got you covered. One of the services we have is our roofing services which are done by experienced professionals. We are here to ensure that your roof is well installed and that you will be satisfied with it.

Interior Services in Baldwin Place

If you are looking for interior home services, we can help with interior painting, interior doors, and various repairs. We also work on bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling as well. If you have been thinking of remodeling your kitchen for some time, we will be able to bring your dream kitchen to life. Our dedicated professionals will create a beautiful and functional kitchen that you will love.

Handyman Services in Baldwin Place

We offer various handyman services here so there will definitely be something for you. If you have stayed in the same house for many years, surely there is a list of improvements you want to make for your house. We can repair your lighting, install shelves and carry out electrical work for you.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Home Improvement Contractors in Baldwin Place?

Honey Do Men was first started by founder Darrell Babboni. Honey Do Men comes from the phrase that people in the past commonly used when they put together lists of things to fix around the house. Here, we have various services from exterior services such as gutters, roofing, and driveways to interior services such as painting, flooring, and bathroom remodeling. We have everything you need right here at Honey Do Men.

Contact Honey Do Men now for further inquiries on our home improvement services in Baldwin Place. Call 914-837-041 or contact us online to get started!

“We were extremely satisfied. The men were very polite and friendly when letting us know they would be working on our roof. They did a fabulous job cleaning the gutters and disposing of all excess garbage cleanup. When done, they made it a point to let us know before leaving. I would definitely recommend Honey Do Men services.”

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