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Walkways and Path

First impressions are lasting. One of the best investments you can make for your home is to add a new walkway or path because not only are they functional, they are attractive and durable ways to add curb appeal to your home.

Many homeowners focus on the function and beauty of the inside of their home and neglect to recognize the impact of updating its exterior. Believe it or not, walkways and paths are essential parts of your home and are often taken for granted. In fact, one of the best features you can add to your front or back yard is to create a walkway or path because you are investing in the enhancement of your home’s overall appearance and functionality.

Walkway or Path?

Walkways and paths serve the same purposes:
  • Guide foot traffic
  • Protect landscaping (from foot traffic etc.)
  • Highlight specific landscape features
  • Safety (firm, dependable footing to prevent trips and falls)
  • Curb appeal
  • Maximize outdoor space

While there are many similarities in purpose, walkways and paths are not the same thing:



Utilitarian (a sturdy passage to guide people to the front door)


A paved, even surface to facilitate pedestrian foot traffic.

Materials Used

Stable masonry materials (such as poured concrete, bricks, large slabs of stones or pavers)





Aesthetic (can connect and lead to many places for people to meander and explore)


Generally used less often and by fewer people.

Materials Used

Natural materials (such as gravel or mulch)



*Believe it or not, the width of your walkway is an important factor of how guests feel as they approach your front door. We recommend that your walkway, at a minimum, be wide enough to accommodate two people walking side by side.


Your walkway is literally the way to your front door, and pathways are a vital way to protect your lawn and keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Your walkway should complement your home and enhance your landscaping. Factors such as location, quality of materials used and workmanship are important to consider before starting your project.

Aside from traditional walkways and paths, strategically placed stones, known as stepping stones, can add whimsy and natural appeal to any home. However, it is important to understand that in time, some of the stones may become unstable which can cause someone to trip or fall.



The material(s) you use to create your walkway or path is an important factor to take into consideration. Keep in mind that the materials should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Poured Concrete

Simple in form, a basic concrete walkway or path is generally the most affordable option. Caution: in time concrete will likely crack or lift, so regular maintenance is highly recommended.


Stamped Concrete

Poured concrete can now be manufactured to mimic virtually any hard surface material such as pavers, cobblestone, flagstone, brick etc. which is known as stamped concrete


Colored Concrete

For homeowners looking for a more creative aesthetic, concrete can be dyed and poured with a flat surface finish.


Brick Pavers

Brick is a popular material used for both walkways and borders because it is cost effective and can be laid with or without mortared joints.



Flagstone is a classic material used for residential properties and is often set in concrete or a thick bed of mortar, Flagstone is also commonly incorporated within a formal border and other hardscaping.



Cobblestone is a material that can be used for virtually any style of home. However, because it is one of the most expensive materials it is often seen in formal landscapes or high end homes.



Gravel is versatile, affordable and can enhance any style of home. Many homeowners choose to use gravel for garden paths because there is something about the sound of crunching gravel that evokes feelings of relaxation. Gravel can also be combined with almost any of the above materials to create a unique look.

Honey Do Men’s experts are skilled professionals who will provide you with honest recommendations as to what would work best for your home, property and budget to help you achieve the look you want.

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