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Siding Installations

Honey Do Men creates customers for life by guaranteeing exceptional services in every repair or installation assignment. We treat your home like our own so you can rest assured that you are getting proper roof and handyman services that deliver lasting results. Our roofing and handyman service company is a member of the certified contractor network and has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award and many more.

What are Siding Installation Services?

Vinyl is a highly sought-after material for home siding which is extensively available on the market today. This is because vinyl siding does not require any painting and it can simultaneously improve your home’s appearance. There is also wood siding which is more traditional and is still just as functional. Siding installation can take up to a period of 10 to 14 days and painting will need a much longer time. This time frame involves the removal of the current siding, preparation, insulation, installation of new siding, and final touches. Preparation works involve clearing the space around the home exterior to better facilitate a swift and easy installation process. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Siding Installation Services

There are many benefits of hiring professional siding installation services which are as follows:

  • Professional siding installers are fully licensed and insured, thus you can rest assured knowing that your siding installation complies with all building codes. 
  • Professional installers also offer contractual agreements that you need to sign beforehand so as to be protected against non-completion. 
  • Professionals are also able to provide expert recommendations that let you make a wise decision that can help you cut down on unnecessary costs. 
  • Professional installers come equipped with the right tools that help them take on each assignment with ease.
  • Hiring professional siding installation services comes with warranty coverage to protect you against any installation errors.
  • Hiring professional installers means that you do not need to do the tedious job on your own and risk making a mistake that can incur additional costs.

When do You Need Siding Installation Services?

You need siding installation services when you notice the following conditions:

  • Cracked or loose siding boards
  • Faded or peeling siding boards
  • Rotting or warping siding boards
  • Siding has holes or damage which can be caused by regular wear and tear or by flyaway debris.
  • Siding has mold or mildew growth which can eventually cause the siding to rot.
  • Exterior siding paint has bubbles or water stains which shows swelling of the siding boards.
  • Abrupt increase of energy bills which cannot be explained through logical reasoning.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Siding Installation Specialists?

Our team at Honey Do Men believes in doing the job right the first time. Through the experience that we have gained, we are able to deliver outstanding service at highly competitive prices. We have had zero complaints to date, and we have helped over 22,000 clients address all their repair and installation needs. Our company offers 0% financing, and each client will receive a free estimate before a contract agreement is signed.

For more information about our siding Installation services, call us at (914) 362-2662 today.

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