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Yorktown was the core focus of our concern when we established Honey Do Men in 1997. As we grew our business, we have expanded our reach to cover home improvement projects all over the Tri-State Area, Hawleyville in Connecticut included. We remain as the industry leader when it comes to exterior, interior, and other home improvement services. If you are looking to repair or renovate your kitchens or bathrooms, or you need to repair your leaky gutters, trust us to be of help.

About Hawleyville

The unincorporated community of Hawleyville in the town of Newtown in Fairfield County, is located just a mile outside Newtown, a borough with the same name as the town. This is now a census-designated place (CDP), and was determined as such before the 2020 census was conducted by the US Census Bureau. It got its name from Glover Hawley’s family, after it placed the same as a condition when the family sold the land to the Housatonic Railroad Company in the 19th century. The Hawleyville Volunteer Fire and Rescue serves the CDP.

Exterior Services in Hawleyville

At Honey Do Men, we expand our exterior services to cover all exterior elements of the home. We make it a point that aside from roofing and gutters, we also extend our work for other exterior purposes, like fencing. We make this happen to ensure your property’s privacy. We also work to enclose a newly built pool in your home. We find perfect solutions to protect every aspect of your home, including those who reside in it. Also forming part of our comprehensive range of offerings are siding repair, window installation, and patio construction, among others.

Interior Services in Hawleyville

Aside from exterior services, we also have a wide range of interior services to offer to residents of Hawleyville. Our painting services are perfect solutions to give your home’s walls a refreshed look. We see to it that we create the perfect color scheme that brings a homey vibe to your space, and make it look its best. We enhance your home’s visual appeal through this, and all our other interior services like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, floor installation, and a whole lot more.

Handyman Services in Hawleyville

Are you in need of shelf installation at home? Do you want to have your lighting repaired? We have your needs covered through our handyman services. Add to these things, we also do electrical and plumbing work upon request. As long as it is to be done to improve your home’s function and aesthetics, we are here to help.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Home Improvement Contractors in Hawleyville?

Honey Do Men was established with a simple goal, that is to serve the home remodeling needs of homeowners in Yorktown. As years passed by, more residents from all over New York and the Tri-State area have heard about us, thus starting to enlist our help for exterior and interior home remodeling and renovation jobs. We grew with this expansion, and continue to dedicate our passion for service to our clients.

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