Chimney Flashing Services in Carmel, NY

It is really common to have a leaky chimney and as simple as it sounds, leaks can lead to severe problems down the road. Chimney flashing when properly installed can last for at least three decades so having it professionally installed instead of doing it yourself can also be considered a long-term investment in your home.

About Our Chimney Flashing Services

Flashing is a thin sheet of waterproof material that is generally used to either prevent page seepage, water penetration in buildings, or to direct the movement of moisture in walls. With reference to chimneys, it is thus a form of maintenance to create a waterproof seal that prevents your rooms, ceiling, and other structures from water damage. In other words, it is a form of weather stripping and generally consists of three parts – step flashing, cap flashing, and base flashing. These are all installed at the intersecting point between your roof and your chimney and can be made out of different materials like steel or vinyl depending on your climate.

Benefits of Hiring Chimney Flashing Specialists

A little bit of water does not seem like a cause for alarm. However, long-term water damage can lead to many, more complicated issues that can be extremely difficult and costly to fix. If damage to your flashing is not caught early, not only will your chimney start to have worrying problems, but your attic, roofing, and even rooms on the top floors could potentially suffer damage.

When Do You Need Chimney Flashing Services?

The lifespan of chimney flashing is largely dependent on the materials used, the size of your chimney, as well as the environment that you live in. It is important to keep track of when your property was built and when your last chimney flashing was installed. The most common period for leaks is during the springtime and can be observed by evidence and sounds of water dripping, rust stains, discolored bricks, and water stains around your ceilings or walls that are close to the chimney.

Due to the locations of most people’s chimneys, it might be possible that no water damage will be observed until major issues have already occurred, like when there is already water penetration in your roofing. If water is coming inside your firebox, it could also be an issue with the chimney cap.

The best way to find out if you need a chimney flashing service is to ask your chimney specialist when they do their regular inspection. Many of the signs of leaking or damaged flashing can be easily missed by someone who isn’t properly trained, and you will find greater peace of mind if you have a professional look through your chimney structures.

Why Choose Honey Do Men’s Chimney Flashing Specialists?

When choosing a company to do your chimney flashing services, it is important to find professionals who value service excellence and quality craftsmanship.

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