How To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Jun 14, 2018

Here Are A Few Tips To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget



Is your house feeling drab or lifeless? It is so subtle but the color of your home really changes its entire feel. For a relatively low cost, a few gallons of paint applied to the interior of your home is well worth the time and money. Light paint works particular wonders for houses that don’t exactly feel inviting. For small spaces, light paint reflects much more light and makes any space feel larger. And on the other side of the coin, large houses can often feel cavernous and cold. A light paint color can often reduce a shadowy effect in large homes and bring a whole new dimension of warmth.

Though, these are just suggestions. Find a pallet of color that appeals to your taste! Even if you’re just repainting the same colors, a fresh coat of paint tends to liven up a home. And don’t forget, the very act of painting incentivizes individuals to clear away the clutter of your home which brings us to our next tip.

Re-think Your Space

It is human nature to lose perspective of the spaces we see day-in and day-out. We all have or have had that one table in our home that collects junk. No matter how often we clear it off, no matter how concerted our efforts are to keep it clear, it inevitably accumulates junk. This same issue can be scaled up to the entirety of your home. As we accumulate furniture and decorative accouterments, we often incorporate them into our homes without thinking too deeply about it. Over time, the entire feel of our house can shift of eclectic to cluttered. Try to approach your home with a fresh set of eyes. And re-evaluate what is serving the decor of your home and what isn’t.

Power Washing

The dirt and grime that accumulates on your home or outdoor surfaces, (fences, decks, pergolas, etc.) can be almost imperceptible. It accumulates so gradually that it may fall completely below your radar. After an intensive series of power washings, you will be amazed at how vibrant and renewed your property has become.


The landscape of your property really catches the eye of passers-by. Over time, as crab-grass and weeds infiltrate your lawn, driveway, and garden, the beauty of your home is sort of undercut. Not to mention, taller trees with limbs that hang in the vicinity of your roof can cause leaves and other decay to accumulate on your roof and in your gutters. Simple, hands-on upkeep of your home’s landscaping can resolve many of these issues and restore the curb appeal of your property.


Some of these tasks can be performed by homeowners. Though, if you wish to leave other tasks to the professionals or you simply don’t have the time to spare, Honey-Do-Men are here to help!


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